The NAPSA Board of Directors and Education Committee are pleased to announce on-demand testing for its Certified Pretrial Services Professionals (CPSP) Level One certification exam.  The twice-yearly exam is being replaced with a new on-line testing platform that allows pretrial professionals to take the exam throughout the year to better meet their individual schedules.  Interested persons need to complete necessary forms and make payment to NAPSA.  Once approved, practioners will be provided a link to the testing platform to complete the exam. 
NAPSA’s Certification Program provides national recognition to qualified pretrial practitioners. Persons who successfully complete certification will become Certified Pretrial Service Professionals (CPSP). Those working in the pretrial field may apply for certification through NAPSA. It is anticipated that certification will be available for practitioners on various levels depending on his or her responsibility in his or her pretrial agency or organization. Certified Pretrial Services Professional Levels One certificates are presently available.
Achieving Certified Pretrial Services Professional status involves qualifying in occupational experience and education, and passing an examination (which deals with both general legal and court issues and practices, and issues specific to the individual’s pretrial area). Persons obtaining Level One Certification demonstrate a basic understanding of the Pretrial movement and the history upon which it is based. To maintain this status, individuals must be re-certified when the three-year certification term expires. This requires that an applicant meet qualifying criteria concerning his/her current position, and acquire 25 Continuing Education hours.
The Certification fee is $75.00 for members and $175.00 for non-members.  For those who do not pass the Certification exam on the first attempt, a $30.00 administrative fee will be collected to retake the exam (single attempt). For more information about NAPSA membership ($75.00), please click here.