Workshop Presentations Available from 2018 Annual Conference
Workshop presentations from the 2018 Annual Conference in Fort Worth, TX are now available on our website. The presentations listed are those we received from the faculty and are posted with their permission.  You can find the presentations here.
State of Connecticut Achieves Reaccreditation
The NAPSA Board of Directors congratulates the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) for the State of Connecticut for achieving reaccreditation of its practices in accordance with NAPSA’s Accreditation Standards. CSSD is the second statewide pretrial system to achieve this milestone after first achieving initial agency accreditation in 2014.  See a copy of the congratulatory letter here and learn more about NAPSA’s agency accreditation program here.
NAPSA Joins as Amicus in California Supreme Court Case
NAPSA joined with the California Association of Pretrial Services (CAPS), the Pretrial Justice Institute, and the National Association of Public Defenders as amicus in a California Supreme Court called Humphrey. This is an important case from the California Court of Appeals that held that if a court is setting a secured financial bond, it must first make an inquiry into the person’s ability to pay and if the person cannot pay and will, as a result be detained, then the court must hold a hearing that would mirror the kind of due process hearing required to hold someone without bond.  The California Supreme Court, on its own, decided to take a look at the decision and we joined as amicus to support the Appellate Court’s opinion.  You can find a copy of the amicus brief here.
NAPSA 2018 Elections
The nominating process for the 2018 election occurred prior the Annual Conference with anticipation of holding elections following the conference; however, only one candidate was nominated for each open seat.  Given this, the NAPSA Board of Directors at its meeting in Fort Worth, TX deemed the nomination process closed and that the candidates for each seat duly elected for terms beginning January 1, 2019.  The incumbent person and their titles are: Spurgeon Kennedy, Vice President; Brian Brittain, Treasurer; Elizabeth Simoni, Secretary; Domingo Corona, Southwest Region Director; and, Jessica Beach, Northwest Region Director.  Please help us congratulate these individuals for giving their time and talent to NAPSA.
Pretrial Release and Probation: What is the Same and What is Different? By: Timothy R. Schnacke (August, 2018)
Pretrial release and Probation are outwardly similar, and jurisdictions across the country have routinely turned to probation entities to house pretrial services functions, which are beginning to be seen as essential ingredients of criminal justice systems lawfully and effectively administering pretrial release and detention. Despite these similarities, however, the significant differences between pretrial release and probation, including differences in histories, purposes, legal foundations, and research, mean that we must act with caution when adding or consolidating functions. This paper, written by Timothy R. Schnacke, is designed to be a part of the helpful literature that jurisdictions can use to develop lawful and effective pretrial systems, especially when those systems will be operating within probation entities or combined with probation functions. You can download the document here.
NAPSA YouTube Channel
Visit the NAPSA YouTube Channel to watch the recorded Keynote and Plenary sessions from the conference.
New PSA Website
The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) announced the launch of the first Public Safety Assessment (PSA) website,, which offers interested jurisdictions a robust array of resources to support implementation of the PSA. The resources have been carefully developed in partnership with technical assistance providers, current PSA jurisdiction leaders, and other valued stakeholders.
Certification Testing
The NAPSA Board of Directors and Education Committee are pleased to announce on-demand testing for its Certified Pretrial Services Professionals (CPSP) Level One certification exam. The twice-yearly exam is being replaced with a new on-line testing platform that allows pretrial professionals to take the exam throughout the year to better meet their individual schedules.  Interested persons need to complete necessary forms and make payment to NAPSA. Once approved, practitioners will be provided a link to the testing platform to complete the exam. For more information click here.