2020 Elections for Positions on the NAPSA Board of Directors 
NAPSA has opened the nomination process for election to the Board of Directors in 2020 for Treasurer, Midwest and Northeast Region Directors, the remaining term of the vacant Southwest Region Director, and the Federal Director. Additional information and position descriptions and qualifications can be found hereMembers of NAPSA in good standing are eligible to be elected to positions on the Board of Directors. Persons nominated for Treasurer must have prior Board of Directors' experience.  Interested and qualified members should contact NAPSA by 5:00p.m. eastern on Friday, December 4, 2020.  To see a current roster of the Board of Director, please click here.   
NAPSA Releases COVID-19 Survey Results 
As state and local jurisdictions were dealing with the onset of the pandemic, NAPSA created a survey to learn what responses to COVID-19 were being taken by pretrial service agencies across the United States. We wanted to learn how various agencies had been impacted and understand in greater details how practices may have changed as a result of COVID-19.  In sharing this information broadly, we can learn from one another and start a conversation for how we can be better prepared for the future. Understanding how practices have been modified pre-and-post- COVID-19, will help us assess whether the beneficial policies and practices being implemented have potential for expansion and to understand what future reforms are possible. To access the survey results, please click here.  To view an article written by The Crime Report about the survey findings, please click here 
APPR Announces New Website
As a partner in the Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR) initiative, we’re excited to announce APPR’s new website, advancingpretrial.org. The website reflects APPR’s vision of fair, just, effective pretrial practices. Advancingpretrial.org will help pretrial practitioners and their community partners find information and resources to support comprehensive, systemwide approaches to advancing pretrial justice. Explore the new site and share it with your criminal justice partners.
NAPSA Standards on Pretrial Release, 2020 Edition
The NAPSA has published its revised 2020 Edition of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies’ (NAPSA) Standards on Pretrial Release continues the mandate of previous Editions—to describe the components of an effective, legal, and evidence-based bail system. It also updates the Standards with the developing body of knowledge about best and promising practices in the pretrial field and changes to the legal definition of and the requirements for fair and reasonable bail decision-making. Revisions from past Editions include: (1) a focus on a systems approach to improving bail decision making, with broader and more defined roles for the court, prosecution, and defense; (2) greater recognition and advocacy of pretrial services agencies as an essential element of effective bail systems; (3) a call to ban the use of money as a type of bail, a requirement of pretrial supervision or a means of detention; and, (4) support for empirically developed and validated pretrial risk assessments to help predict the likelihood of return to court and arrest-free pretrial behavior and to assist in identifying conditions appropriate to specified risk factors. View the complete document here 
Statement of Support for Pretrial Risk Assessments and Early Release of Standard 2.8  
The National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA) is the professional association for pretrial release and diversion practitioners. Our goal is to make pretrial justice the norm in America’s courts by promoting rational and evidence-based pretrial decision making and practices. This is best reflected in our National Standards on Pretrial Release: Revised 2020, set for publication on March 1, 2020. This edition continues the mandate of past NAPSA Standards to describe the components of an effective legal and evidence-based bail system. They also strengthen NAPSA’s position against the use of money in pretrial release or detention decisions and our support for empirically-developed pretrial assessment tools used in conjunction with specified pretrial practices, independent pretrial services agencies, and a systems-based approach to bail reform.

Our continued support for empirical pretrial assessment tools is especially relevant given the discussion about these assessments in the pretrial field. Many advocates for bail reform have raised concerns and expressed opposition to these instruments; due in part to the potential for misuse of assessments by practitioners but mainly on the belief that these tools are inherently racially and ethnically biased. Stakeholders need to continually review justice system practices to eliminate racial, gender, and socio-economic disparities, not only in risk assessments but in practice and process.        To read our full statement and Standard 2.8, click here

We Have Moved to a New Office!  
Please note our new address: 777 6th Street NW, 11th Floor Washington, DC 20001
Certification Testing
The NAPSA Board of Directors and Education Committee are pleased to announce on-demand testing for its Certified Pretrial Services Professionals (CPSP) certification exam. The twice-yearly exam is being replaced with a new on-line testing platform that allows pretrial professionals to take the exam throughout the year to better meet their individual schedules.  Interested persons need to complete necessary forms and make payment to NAPSA. Once approved, practitioners will be provided a link to the testing platform to complete the exam. For more information click here.